Information on Account Security

Information on Account Security

This page provides advice and guidance for queries on suspicious activity related to customer accounts.

If you have noticed activity on your account that you do not recognise, you can contact Wiggle’s account security experts at, giving you priority access to our team dedicated to account security issues.


How Wiggle protects your information

Our systems remain robust, up-to-date, and we are consistently and frequently adding additional protections to ensure your information is safe.

Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure your details are secured:

  • Your account details are stored on a secured and encrypted database, hosted in a private, restricted, and dedicated data centre in the UK.
  • Your credit card details are not held on our site. They are encrypted and not visible or accessible even if fraudsters acquire your login details from a source outside of Wiggle.
  • We have automated and instant alerts letting you know if your account details have been changed.
  • If you amend the email address registered on your Wiggle account, every saved payment method will be automatically removed.


What you can do to protect yourself from fraud

To protect yourself further, here are some additional steps you can take to ensure your current logins are safe. 

  • Check your email address against existing data breach databases, such as
  • Use different passwords for different sites, especially for banking and shopping.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Only use sites with URLs beginning with “HTTPS:”.
  • Update your password regularly. You can update your Wiggle password here
  • Update the software on all your devices.
  • Should your email account be reported as compromised, we would highly recommend that you reset your email account password.
  • If you notice any suspicious activity,  alert our specialist account services team at


Update on additional security measures

Following isolated incidents in June 2020 where accounts have been fraudulently accessed, Wiggle has implemented additional security measures to help better protect your information, which are:

  • Contact all account holders who have made changes to their Wiggle Account access details in the last 31 days as a precaution. We have temporarily locked these accounts and have verified with account holders that changes made are genuine.
  • Reset passwords for all accounts that may have been targeted by fraudulent activity.
  • Created an additional wall of security by asking all customers to re-enter their card details before making their next purchase.
  • Voluntarily made contact with the Information Commissioners Office and will continue working within their guidelines.
  • Issued public statements on social media and to media outlets outlining the situation to customers and asking them to update their password as a precaution.

Account security remains of the upmost importance to Wiggle and we will continue our work to ensure the safety and security of our customers’ data.